Welcome to Kindergarten!

Kindergarten provides students with an opportunity to learn basic academic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. In addition, the students develop social skills through creative activities, learning centers, art projects, and music.

Your student will be expected to know their name, address, telephone number, and birthday. Students will master tying their shoes. Students will also practice rhyming words, hear lots of nursery rhymes, recognize the letters of the alphabet and eventually read. In Math, students learn shapes, recognize numbers, tell time to the hour, measure objects and eventually add and subtract numbers.

Click here for an overview of our curriculum. We're also sharing some videos from the non-profit, GreatSchools! that explain what to look for to determine if your student is on track, along with some videos on how to tell if your child is mastering the essential skills taught in kindergarten.

Videos - Student Achievement Milestones


Can your kindergartener add and subtract?

Does your kindergartener really understand addition and subtraction?

Can your kindergartener solve simple word problems?

Does your kindergartener "decode" like this?

Does your kindergartener read smoothly like this?

Can your kindergartener figure out the meaning of new words?

Does your kindergartener show understanding like this?

Does your kindergartener read to learn like this?

Can your kindergartener research and discuss a topic?

Can your kindergartener write a simple essay?

What does kindergarten writing look like?


¿Puede su hijo sumar y restar en kinder?

¿Como saber si su niño realmente entiende la suma y la resta?

¿Puede su niño de kinder resolver problemas escritos en matemáticas?

¿Puede su hijo vocalizar y averiguar palabras nuevas en kinder?

¿Puede su hijo en kinder puede leer con esta fluidez?

¿Puede su hijo de kinder averiguar el significado de palabras nuevas?

¿Comprende su hijo en kinder lo que lee?

¿Puede su hijo leer para aprender así en kinder?

¿Puede su hijo hacer investigación y discutir un tema en kinder?

¿Puede su hijo escribir un ensayo básico en kinder?

¿Cómo es la escritura de un niño en Kinder?