Volunteers, Visitors, and Program Advisors

The Canby School District utilizes a program called HelpCounter to manage both visitors and volunteers in our schools. All visitors and volunteers are required to check in at each school office, have their picture taken, and wear a printed badge showing their name, picture, and detailed information about their visit or volunteer duties. Additionally, school volunteers are required to pass a background check before they can work in our schools.

Community members who have been requested to advise a school program or club follow a separate process and receive additional background checks and training to permit them to communicate and work directly with students.  If you’re interested or have been asked to be a program advisor, please work with your school contact to have them apply for this process via the "Register Program Advisor" link on this page.

If you're a parent or community member who wishes to assist our schools and classrooms or chaperone a field trip, you can apply to volunteer online using the "Apply to Volunteer" link on this page. You'll be asked for some basic information so we can submit a background check. Please know that it may take up to ten days (longer during August, September, and October), for our vendor to complete checks. Once approved, you'll receive an email notification letting you know that you're approved to volunteer in our schools.

If you have any questions about our visitor and volunteer processes, please contact volunteersupport@canby.k12.or.us. We appreciate our volunteers for helping us!