Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

A unit of credit (1.0) is earned by attending a class for two trimesters. A half-credit (0.5) is earned by attending a class for one trimester.

Credit toward graduation will be granted for A, B, C, D, and P grades. The standard credit will be 0.5 (one-half) trimester credit for a course meeting for 12 weeks. Non-credit grades include F (Failing), N (No-pass) and possibly I (Incomplete).

Course Requirements Course and Credit Requirements
English Language Arts 4.0
Mathematics 3.0 Algebra and above
Science (may include some CTE - Ag Science) 3.0
Social Studies 3.0
Health 1.0
Arts (Includes: Fine Arts, World Languages, and Career & Technical Ed.) 2.5
Future Focus 0.5
Physical Education 1.0
Electives 8.0

Personalized Learning
Education Plan & Profile - Develop and education plan and build and education profile to guide learning toward student's personal, career, and post-high school goals. My Academic Plan and Profile (MAPP)
Career Related Learning Experiences (CRLE) - Participate in career experiences that connect classroom learning with real life experiences in the workplace, community, and/or school relevant to student's education plan. Complete two Career Related Learning Experiences
Extended Application (EA) - Apply and extend knowledge and skills in new and complex situations related to the student's personal and career interests and post-high school goals. Complete one Extended Application
Volunteer/Community Service Document 40 hours of service

Proficiency of Essential Skills

Read and comprehend a variety of text

Meet or exceed Essential Skill by test or

Informational and Literary Work Samples

Write clearly and accurately

Meet or exceed Essential Skill by test or Narrative,

Argumentative, and Expository Work Samples

Apply mathematics in a variety of settings

Meet or exceed Essential Skill by test or Algebra,

Geometry and Statistics Work Samples

Honors Diploma Information

Students who desire to be challenged to academic excellence and to increase their chances for success in college or other post secondary programs should consider an Honors Diploma track.

The Honors Diploma is presented to those who meet or exceed the following requirements:

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