Student Services

Welcome to the Department of Student Services, which includes Special Education, Section 504, and Nursing. Our department works collaboratively with school and District leaders, teachers, students, and families to provide the tools, guidance, supports, and services needed to ensure access and success for students with disabilities/medical concerns. We believe in challenging all students by setting high expectations that help them achieve their academic and personal potential.

Name Phone Internal Extension Email
Dr. Lauretta Manning, Director of Student Services 503-266-0054 3954
Wendi Norred, Student Services Secretary 503-266-0014 3964
Kathy Sullivan, Behavior and Inclusion Specialist, TOSA 503-266-7861 3996
Betty Rivinus, SpEd Teacher / Outside Placements / Evaluations / Consulting 503-263-7140 3494
District School Psychologists
Candice Jacobson, Bilingual CHS / SOAR 503-263-7140 3431
Maren Kanekoa, BPMS 503-263-7170
Sandra Walk, Carus / Lee / 91 503-263-7140 3490
Sandra Perez, Bilingual Trost 503-263-7140 3493
Melodyjoy Dawley, Eccles / Knight 503-263-7140 3420
Amy Hansen, K-12 N/A
District Nurses
Dianne Holme 503-266-0089 3482
Ruth Vandecoevering 503-266-0080 3496
Makayla Ramirez 503-266-0067 3495
District Motor Team
Nancy Thompson, Physical Therapist 503-263-7140 3406
Myong Brunner, Occupational Therapist 503-263-7140 3406