ILT training includes classroom observations

  • Posted on October 1, 2010 by Staff
  • Updated on March 24, 2015 by Staff

ILT_9-30-10Instructional Leadership teams from all nine schools met on September 30 for further training and sharing out of information in support of the district’s focus on student academic success. Lee Elementary Principal Marilyn Wood, along with her leadership team, presented stunning assessment data from the 2009-10 school year, explaining some of the processes used to accomplish this kind of success.

“There’s no comparison to before. We were able to do this work through the structure of our late-start collaborative team time on Wednesdays. Using formative assessments to track academic progress is a new focus for our staff and it really paid off in terms of the growth our students accomplished,” said Wood.

A quick review of a few of Lee’s ‘good news statements’, which shares data compiled from both State and students’ formative assessments, breaks out their strengths in math:

~ 92.7 percent of Lee’s total population met or exceeded state standards according to OAKS assessment in math.
~ All demographic groups showed progress in math.
~ Lee’s goal was for 86 percent to met or exceed but instead achieved 93 percent.
~ Their goals was for 70% of ELL scores to meet or exceed but instead achieved 81 percent.
~ School-wide assessment gap between Lee ELL and non-ELL students as measured by formative assessments was 7 percent.

Wood also shared Lee’s Urgent News statement that “It is exceedingly important to sustain and improve on our success.” The District’s ‘good news’ statement could be that Lee is not alone in making gains in student achievement as several schools posted marked improvements during the 2010-11 year as well.

A segment of the Instructional Leadership Team training was visiting classrooms throughout Lee to document effective teaching strategies, look for student work posted inside and outside the classroom, and bring feedback on their observations back to the full group. This process is part of each Instructional Leadership training through the year. Pictured is Ninety-One Principal Skyler Rodolph observing ELL teacher Denise Chamberlain in a small group setting with her students.