Driver Education Program Information

Canby School District offers an ODOT Driver Education Program. See below for details on the program and registration information.


  • Obtain a current Oregon instruction permit. Must provide permit number at time of registration.
  • Complete the course before receiving a driver’s license and before turning 18.
  • Complete all course work within 90 days of starting the class.
  • 100% attendance in classroom and drive lab is required to receive Oregon Department of Transportation Certificate of Completion from this class.



Terry Lepire, Secretary
Ackerman Center Office

350 SE 13th Avenue, Canby, OR 97013

Phone: (503) 266-0040

Classroom Sessions:
All classroom sessions are held at Canby High School’s 4th Street Building/Career Center in Room 1.

Drive Labs:

  • Scheduled separately from classroom.
  • Students will sign up for a day and time.
  • Scheduled to start on week 2
  • The driver education cars will meet students at Canby High School by the flag pole.
  • Drive Labs will begin and end at Canby High School.
  • Students cannot be late.
  • Drive Lab is 2 hours. Student will drive 1 hour and observe 1 hour, once a week for 6 weeks during the 8 weeks of class.
  • 100% attendance is required because the Drive Lab instructor and another student have been scheduled with your student.
  • The driver education program has a ‘no tolerance’ policy on student cell phone use in the driver education vehicles.


  • Attendance at all driving and classroom sessions is required.
  • Missed classroom time must be made up and arranged with the classroom instructor. Make-up sessions will not require an additional fee as they are fulfilled during regularly scheduled class times. Students must make up any absences within 90 days of the start of the session they are enrolled in.
  • If a Drive Lab is missed, a fee of $60 may be charged to make up the Drive Lab.

Parent/Student Orientation:
The Parent/Student orientation session will be held on the first night of class. It is recommended both student and parents attend as parent, student and instructor expectations will be covered.

Low/No Income Subsidy Program:
There is a $75 State subsidy program for students that qualify for the Free and Reduced lunch program, SNAP or TANF programs. Applicants must notify the Driver Education Secretary when registering so eligibility can be verified. Home school students can qualify through the school district they are in. (This benefit applies only to students under 18 years of age and without a license.)

Behavior in either the classroom or car is expected to be appropriately responsible and respectful of the subject matter and instructor. If at any point this does not occur, you may be removed from the program with no refund.

Driver Education Vehicles:
Our driver education cars are equipped with dual controls (passenger side brake/equipment).

Funding for the Driver Education program comes from two sources: students’ tuition and reimbursement from the Oregon Department of Transportation. Canby School District does not fund the program, but classroom space is provided free of charge.

Where is my certificate after class is completed?
The Certificate of Completion will be mailed to the address on your student’s registration form. The certificate will be mailed within 3 weeks from the completion of class.

Failure in the Classroom or Behind-The-Wheel:
Students must attend all of the classes and any missed time must be made up. They must turn in all assignments, turn in the driving log and pass all class work, tests and drive tests with an 80% or better. Disruptive students may be dropped from the program with no refund. If a student has a learning disability, we will help in any way, but they must be able to demonstrate understanding and knowledge of the curriculum. Behind-The-Wheel students must be able to meet or pass the check list.

Re-take of final drive assessment.
If you are under 18 years of age and do not pass your final drive assessment, you must wait at least 28 days before your next evaluation. Under qualifying circumstances, your examiner may decide to waive the 28-day requirement.

You are allowed to retake the final drive assessment one time at no additional cost (within six months). A $25 fee will be required each additional time you take this exam with one of our examiners. Pay this fee at the time you reschedule your drive exam.

DMV Waiver – Waive the drive lab when obtaining a driver’s license!
The waiver program, which went into effect January 2014, is simply DMV’s formal acknowledgement that students who pass an approved ODOT Driver Education Program have already demonstrated that they meet minimum performance standards. This is named the Waiver Program because it completely waives the DMV test based on the strength of the Stat’s approved driver education program.

Students that pass the driver education program will receive a plastic ODOT Certificate of Completion Card. When the student goes to DMV to obtain their license, DMV will only have the student take the written knowledge test and will waive the drive lab!

Drivers Over 18 or Turn 18 / Obtain License While Taking Class:
The driver education program is a State subsidized program, and is only funded for students with permits and not for licensed drivers. If a student has a license, obtains their license while taking the class, is 18 or older before completion of the class, an additional $200 will be charged.

Driver education is a part of the process for obtaining a provisional license. 18 year olds do not have a provisional license. That is why the State does not cover students 18 years of age or older.

We could use your help!

If you have participated in Canby School District’s Driver Education program, we encourage you to fill out the Classroom Evaluation form or the Behind-The-Wheel (BTW) Evaluation form to help in our ongoing endeavor to provide the best learning opportunity for Driver Ed students! Please be open and constructive with your comments as we look for ways to improve our program.

Become a part of Driver Education!

The Traffic Safety Education program from Western Oregon University provides the required training to be an ODOT-TSD approved Driver Education instructor in Oregon. Individuals wishing to teach Driver Education in Oregon will gain a wealth of practical knowledge, as well as gain hands-on experience, both in the classroom and in the vehicle. Upon completion of the Traffic Safety Education course, participants will receive a certificate that can be presented to potential employers to verify certification.

These classes are part of a non-credit program funded by Oregon Department of Transportation.

Click here if you are interested or for further information!