Providing high-quality education to all students, regardless of race, ability, or circumstances beyond their control, in order to help students reach their full potential.

Teaching & Learning

Welcome to the Department of Teaching & Learning. We are responsible for curriculum, assessment, educator training, technology implementation, data analysis, and federal programs. Our mission is to narrow the achievement gap and ensure each student reaches his/her full potential. Our work is centered around differentiated instruction, educator effectiveness, high expectations for all students, and whole child development. We review data to make informed decisions on curriculum and to develop strategies to provide an equitable education for each student. We are committed to the success of each student and educator in our District.

Academic Vision. All Students, All Abilities. All Opportunities

Contact Information

Name Phone Email
Sheryl Lipski, Director of Teaching and Learning 503-266-0016
Shirley Barrett, Secretary 503-266-0088
Gail Anderson, TOSA Curriculum 503-266-0008
Cindy Bauer, Federal Programs Coordinator 503-266-0071
Jennifer Dennis, Synergy and State Reporting Specialist 503-266-0090
Maggie Lowe, TOSA Curriculum 503-266-0029
Heidi Zauner, State Reporting and Assessment Specialist 503-266-0068

Resources for Parents

We want you to be informed and comfortable with the curriculum and instruction your students are receiving each day at their Canby school. We also want you to fully understand what your student should know by the end of each school year. Finally, we want to make you aware of how your student is being assessed - and how that assessment helps our teachers "change up" instruction specifically for your student.

Click here for detailed information on each of these topics, as well as videos to help you better understand some key concepts in math and language arts. We invite you to explore so you can support your student's learning at home.

Thank you for your partnership!