Interdistrict Transfers

INTERDISTRICT TRANSFER: A transfer to or from another school district

Applications for enrollment into the Canby School District or release from the Canby School District will be accepted from APRIL 1 to JUNE 14 for the 2019-20 school year.

Please note the deadline for all requests is JUNE 14. Requests will not be considered after this time unless special circumstances exist.

Students/families may apply for admission provided there are openings at the school/grade level requested. These openings are recommended by the superintendent and approved by the Board of Directors prior to the next school year.


Baker Prairie Middle School74
Canby High School925
Canby High School1025
Canby High School1125
Canby High School120*
Ninety-One SchoolK7
Ninety-One School65
Carus Elementary SchoolK2
Carus Elementary School12
Eccles Elementary SchoolK3
Eccles Elementary School32
Eccles Elementary School62
Knight Elementary School32
Knight Elementary School55
Lee Elementary SchoolK2
Lee Elementary School43
Trost Elementary SchoolK2

*The district may approve transfers for currently enrolled students who have moved and wish to continue attending through graduation.


  • If approved, the transfer agreement states that transportation is the responsibility of the transferring family and the transfer is contingent upon meeting behavior and attendance expectations:
    • Attendance of 92% or greater
    • No more than one suspension per academic year; no suspension of, or greater than, five days; no expulsions
  • Failure to meet these expectations may result in the transfer being revoked and the student returning to their resident district.
  • Once a student has been accepted into the Canby School District the student is considered a resident of this district until the student graduates from high school, enrolls in a school in a different district, or is no longer required to be admitted to the school district under ORS 339.133. Students do not have to reapply every year.
  • Acceptance of a non-resident admission under ORS 339.133(5)(b) does not guarantee athletic eligibility at the high school level. OSAA rules apply and should be carefully considered when making application.

Key Dates / Process Timeline:

For release from the Canby School District to attend school in another district, a Request for Interdistrict Transfer out of Resident District Form must be submitted to the Canby School District Office by June 14, 2019 for approval.

For admission to the Canby School District from another district, a release from the resident district must be obtained and a Request for Nonresident Student Admission Interdistrict Transfer Form must be submitted to the Canby School District Office by June 14, 2019 for approval.

Interdistrict Transfer application deadline is June 14, 2019. Once the student has been notified of approval, student must enroll at the requested Canby School District school by June 20th. Failure to register will result in nullification of the transfer agreement.

By June 30th, the district shall provide written notification to the district where the student's legal residence is located.