Registration Forms

Registration Information

All new students must register in the school office. Registration requirements include proof of the student’s birth date (a birth certificate, a hospital record or a baptismal record) and immunization records as required by law. Students admitted to any grade must show evidence of completing the prior school years.

Students enrolled in the district shall comply with Oregon laws related to age, residence, health, attendance and immunization. Students located in the district shall not be excluded from admission solely because the student does not have a fixed place of residence or solely because the student is not under the supervision of a parent. (see Board Policy JEC)

For registration information, please visit or call your child's resident school office. To find out what school is your child's resident school, click here and enter your street address (do not include city, state or zip). If you need assistance, please call the Canby School District Office at 503-266-7861.

Baker Prairie Middle SchoolJessie Munoz, Registrar503-263-7170 Ext. 7172
Canby High SchoolLeesa Beaudoin, Registrar503-263-7200 Ext. 5342
Carus Elementary SchoolRebecca Wright, Registrar503-263-7190 Ext. 3830
Eccles Elementary SchoolChristina Torrez, Registrar503-263-7120 Ext. 3243
Knight Elementary SchoolHeidi Hughes, Registrar503-263-7100 Ext. 3004
Lee Elementary SchoolHeather Zagyva, Registrar503-263-7150 Ext. 3517
Ninety-One SchoolCheryl Beyer, Registrar503-263-7110 Ext. 3103
Trost Elementary SchoolAna Cuevas, Registrar503-263-7130 Ext. 3301

Registration Forms

Registration forms are available in each school office. The following forms may be completed in advance and brought with you when you register your student:

Elementary Only: