CARE Award - September 2018

By: Kristen Wohlers, Canby Herald

Each month, Canby Kiwanis and Canby School District honor a district staff member with the Canby Area Recognition of Excellence Award. September's award goes to Ninety-One School secretary Cheryl Beyer.

On Friday, Sept. 14, Superintendent Trip Goodall surprised her at school with the award and was met with tears of joy from Beyer.

"You guys are my 'why,' " Beyer said to the students gathered in the school office. "You're the reason I do this."

Canby Kiwanis, whose mission is to serve the children of Canby, established the CARE Award to provide a monthly opportunity to recognize individual teachers, counselors, coaches and other school staff who make a difference in the lives of others and in the community. The recipients are decided by a CARE committee made up of members from Kiwanis and the community, who review the nominations and make the selection.

During the surprise, Ninety-One School Principal Skyler Rodolph acknowledged the breadth of Beyer's impact.

"Mrs. Beyer was nominated not just by her colleagues here—her coworkers—but by parents here at school, by her colleagues at other schools—other secretaries—and by the nursing staff in our district," Rodolph said. "So lots of people recognize how awesome she is. So, thank you. You are well-deserving."

Beyer was also honored at the Sept. 20 school board meeting.

"Every time I walk in the building, you always give me a big smile, ask me how things are going," Goodall said, as he presented the award at the school board meeting. "You're terrific at what you do in every way, so again we really appreciate having you here."

Goodall also read a letter from Rebecca Wright, one the people who nominated Beyer for the award.

"Cheryl's ability to connect with people is part of what makes her perfect in her role at Ninety-One," the letter said. "She is approachable, patient, positive and helpful. Everyone she interacts with is treated with respect and kindness, whether a student, parent or fellow staff member."

Rodolph added that Beyer is "the epitome of the CARE Award."

Beyer received a plaque and a gift basket from local businesses in recognition of his efforts. Local sponsors of the CARE Award include Canby Kiwanis, State Farm Insurance-Matt Olsen, Columbia Bank, DirectLink, The Wild Hare, Backstop Bar & Grill, Rice Time, The Human Bean, Cutsforth Marketplace, Gwynn's Coffeehouse, Puddin' River Chocolates and Team Spirit.

To nominate someone who you believe is deserving of the CARE Award, nomination forms can be found on the district's website at