CARE Award - October 2017

Canby Kiwanis and the Canby Business Community are pleased to announce the following Canby Area Recognition of Excellence (CARE) Award recipient:

Nancy Thompson, physical therapist at Eccles Elementary School.

Trip Goodall and CARE Award recipient, Nancy Thompson

Special Education Instructional Assistant, Laurie Barrese nominated Nancy for the award saying, "I met Nancy in 2014 when I came to work at Eccles Elementary. I was new to the district and my position. She was helpful and kind, teaching me so much during the last three years. Nancy supports many children in the Canby School District and her assistance is not limited to just physical therapy. She is a teacher and mentor, an advocate for all children who cross her path and supports all staff with whom she works. Her care, compassion and dedication to the children and staff of Canby embodies the spirit of the CARE Award."

Laurie shared this recent example of Nancy's dedication when she told us, "About two weeks ago Nancy and I were with a student and we had a discussion about whether or not a bike could be used during recess to allow greater freedoms and most importantly, fun. A couple of days later Nancy showed up at our school with a 3-wheeled trike. This will allow our student greater flexibility and mobility, while increasing stamina. This trike is used during PE class, recess and throughout our halls as we travel. The great thing about Nancy is that she always delivers. She has many responsibilities but first and foremost is her commitment and dedication to all her kids. Just to be clear, every kid that catches her eye is one of hers. She works tirelessly to meet the needs of all and clearly exceeds expectations. I consider it an honor and privilege to be part of her team."

Congratulations, Nancy.

The CARE Award is sponsored by the following local businesses: Back Stop Bar & Grill, Pudding River Chocolates, Wild Hare, Cutsforth's Marketplace, The Human Bean, DirectLink, Columbia Bank, and Rice Time.

If you know a teacher, counselor, coach or support staff that has made a difference in your life, the life of a child, or in our community, consider nominating him/her for a CARE Award. You can find the nomination form here.