CARE Award – May 2017

Canby Kiwanis and the Canby Business Community are pleased to announce the following Canby Area Recognition of Excellence (C.A.R.E.) Award recipient:

Kathryn Huserik, fifth grade teacher at Eccles Elementary School.

Kathryn received TWO nominations for the CARE Award; one from Eccles Principal Andy McKean and the other from Eccles Resource Teacher Margie Sono.

"Mrs. Huserik is extremely dedicated to her students and makes connections with them that last a lifetime," Principal McKean's submission read. "She creates a respectful place where students' lives matter. her classroom community is student-focused, where students feel heard and know that they belong."

Sono echoes these comments, agreeing that Mrs. Huserik goes above and beyond. She especially appreciates that Kathryn works hard to ensure that students on IEPs get additional support. Additionally, Mrs. Huserik has high expectations for all her students.

"She is tough and holds all her students to high standards so they can reach their full potential," explained Sono. "I think the one thing that has impressed me the most about Kathryn is how much she cares about her students. Sometimes this might not make her very popular because she is 'tough,' but the motivation behind it is that she wants her students to be the best they can be and she's not concerned about her popularity."

It's a good time to recognize Mrs. Huserik. She's retiring at the end of the school year after 25-years in the District.

Congratulations, Kathryn.

The CARE Award is sponsored by the following local businesses: Back Stop Bard & Grill, Pudding River Chocolates, Wild Hare, Cutsforth's Marketplace, The Human Bean, DirectLink, Columbia Bank, and Rice Time.

If you know a teacher, counselor, coach or support staff that has made a difference in your life, the life of a child, or in our community, consider nominating him/her for a CARE Award. You can find the nomination form here.