CARE Award – March 2017

Canby Kiwanis and the Canby Business Community are pleased to announce the following Canby Area Recognition of Excellence (C.A.R.E.) Award recipient:

Sandy Kahut, Math Teacher at Ninety-One School.

Click below to see the surprise announcement:

One of Sandy's students, Caleb Chupp, nominated her to receive the award.

"Mrs. Kahut has been a very admirable figure for me here at Ninety-One, and has greatly improved my education. Whether it be by her humor, or her connection with students, both academically or personally," Chupp's submission read.

It's not just Mrs. Kahut's ability to connect with her students that earns her high praise, it's also her commitment to seeing her students succeed.

"There is a teacher that connects with students, and interacts with them in positive ways, and then there is the teacher that gets the whole class to work, and understand the topic, but not necessarily on a personal level. However, Mrs. Kahut can be both," explained Chupp. "She teaches the unit and explains directions; if there is any confusion, she will work individually with students to help them understand."

There's also data to show Mrs. Kahut is one of the most well-respected educators in our district: the Facebook Live video feed of the award announcement has been viewed by more than 1,500 people, many of whom have left comments about how well-deserved this honor is.

Congratulations, Sandy.

If you know a teacher, counselor, coach or support staff that has made a difference in your life, the life of a child, or in our community, consider nominating him/her for a CARE Award. You can find the nomination form here.