CARE Award – March 2014

Dawson Receives March CARE Award

By Web Reporter Chloe Bell

March is known for St. Patrick's Day (equinox takes place on the same day), Mardi Gras, and who can forget March Madness! Wow is March filled with boodles of entertainment and fun. Speaking of March happenings, the Canby School District is filled with dedicated teachers who strive to provide their students a premium education, enhancing their skills in the classroom and sharpening their natural abilities. Out of them all, Canby High School teacher Paula Dawson was singled out for Canby Kiwanis Club's Canby Area Recognition of Excellence (CARE) award for March 2014.

Dawson is an educator whose coworkers notice her putting in extra hours helping students in and out of the classroom. Dawson creates a safe environment where she influences them to "strive for excellence, commit yourself to a goal on time, and have a lasting impact on others around you." She makes the students feel extremely comfortable, helping them to blossom and reach their full potential. A senior student, who has worked with Dawson since her freshman year, says Mrs. Dawson works hard on students' behalf and makes school more enjoyable. "She helps us step out of our comfort zones and has made high school a blast," the student said. Dawson has helped develop students, through their educational experience with her, into powerful, confident students who are ready to overcome any challenge they are faced with.

It's clear; Paula Dawson deserves this award for all her hard work and dedication to her students. Matt Olsen, Canby Kiwanis member who originated the CARE award program last year, says that she "does an excellent job educating children." Those who know Dawson say she has a large heart filled with contagious joy, commitment and patience. Canby School District applauds Dawson's achievement. Paula Dawson deserves the CARE award in every way. She has clearly won the March CARE award teacher title!