CARE Award - January 2018

Canby Kiwanis and the Canby Business Community are pleased to announce the following Canby Area Recognition of Excellence (CARE) Award recipient:

Chris Gilbert, ELD Teacher, Migrant Coordinator at Canby High School

Chris Gilbert has been teaching at Canby High School for 18 years. Chris is a constant advocate for his students. He is thoughtful and kind and puts students' needs first always. He works with students after school on scholarship applications and has played a huge part in improving the CHS graduation rate and making college accessible for migrant, English Language Learners (ELL), and monitored students. He works tirelessly and is not afraid to make suggestions or to challenge administrators to think differently for the success of his students. Chris became the migrant coordinator last year and has revamped the monitoring process to make it better for migrant students and parents. He is a leader in his department and in the school - he is a "go to" person for administration and for this he is deeply appreciated. His knowledge, positive advocacy, forward thinking and love for kids makes Canby High School a great place for his students!

Congratulations, Chris.

The CARE Award is sponsored by the following local businesses: Back Stop Bar & Grill, Pudding River Chocolates, Wild Hare, Cutsforth's Marketplace, The Human Bean, DirectLink, Columbia Bank, and Rice Time.

If you know a teacher, counselor, coach or support staff that has made a difference in your life, the life of a child, or in our community, consider nominating him/her for a CARE Award. You can find the nomination form here.