CARE Award - December 2017

Canby Kiwanis and the Canby Business Community are pleased to announce the following Canby Area Recognition of Excellence (CARE) Award recipients:

Stacey Ackerman, Counselor at Carus Elementary School
Anna Jones, Kindergarten Teacher at Carus Elementary School

Trip Goodall and CARE Award recipient, Nancy Thompson

From left to right: Matt Olsen, Brenda Griffin, Stacey Ackerman, Anna Jones, and Sam Thompson

Stacey Ackerman has made a huge impact not just at Carus Elementary - she's made an impact throughout the Carus community! She started Carus Cares, a program focused on securing everything from shoes to hairbrushes for families in need. Stacey also began the giving tree program and she coordinates care baskets for those going through troubling times. Within the school, Stacey oversees the peer mentoring program where students develop their leadership skills and empathy for others. She has a big heart and a genuine desire help every student succeed.

Anna Jones is a first year teacher whose positive attitude is infectious to her students and all who are fortunate enough to work with her. Although there are challenges associated with learning the ropes as a new teacher, Anna's perseverance and team-player attitude make her an example of grace in action. Anna is appreciated for her flexibility and the many innovative ideas she brings to her teaching. As one of her colleagues puts it, "Carus is very lucky to have her!"

The CARE Award is sponsored by the following local businesses: Back Stop Bar & Grill, Pudding River Chocolates, Wild Hare, Cutsforth's Marketplace, The Human Bean, DirectLink, Columbia Bank, and Rice Time.

If you know a teacher, counselor, coach or support staff who has made a difference in your life, the life of a child, or in our community, consider nominating him/her for a CARE Award. You can find the nomination form here.