CARE Award – December 2013 and January 2014

Written By: Olivia Baggerly, Student Web Reporter

The Canby School District has always thoroughly exemplified unity, pride, respect, high work ethic, and perseverance in their programs. However, without the many hardworking, praised teachers Canby has to offer, many of these titles would be absent. With great honor and gratitude, the Canby Area Recognition of Excellence (CARE) program has awarded Lacey Davis of Canby High School and Angela Kastrava of Knight Elementary to be their monthly winners.

Lacey Davis, one of the top Science and Agricultural Teaches at Canby High School, has humbly earned her award for many reasons. Lacey displays a level of time commitment to her job that students feel very gracious for. Kade Orendorff, a junior at Canby High School, has spoken very highly of Mrs. Davis and explains his reasoning for nominating her. He claims “even though Mrs. Davis is very busy with family, including a young daughter, she always manages to fit in time outside of class for tests, finishing labs, and homework support.” During an interview with Mrs. Davis, I asked how she overcame challenges of being a teacher and having a family. She simply said “I have learned to teach myself that some things can just wait for tomorrow!” Lacey’s love of learning is very contagious and it leaves a lasting impact on students. She is a teacher that I always see smiling and laughing, engaging every single student (even teachers) around her. Kade said, “she [Ms. Davis] loves teaching and wants you to succeed… she treats her students like 32 people that have individual and personal needs and deserve a good learning experience.” Lacey’s favorite subject to teach is Animal Science and Vet Science, and occasionally uses animals for labs and examples. Lacey does very well at keeping kids engaged throughout class (which is challenging these days) and can even make something “as dull as law or vocabulary exciting.” She tells stories, asks opinions and has “risk taking tendencies” that leaves kids wanting to know more. She loves the students and staff she works with and feels very honored and grateful for them. She has “inspired” kids to be better students and strives to make things better for the department, which is why she deserves every ounce of this award!

Angela Kastrava, an ESL teacher at Knight Elementary, possesses many attributes and abilities that have been recognized and rewarded. Angela works with Spanish-speaking elementary students and gives them a firm base in their home language as they work towards an all-English curriculum later on in their school career. Jean Metzger, a volunteer for the Adopt-a-Teacher program who also works as an aid for Angela, reported on how impressed she is by Angela’s cheerful, upbeat attitude and how she is always attentive to the children. “I love the way she interacts with the children,” says Jean. Angela loves being a part of the children’s learning process and strives to overcome challenges such as “helping students succeed in school who do not read regularly at home.” A huge part of Angela’s teaching style is to encourage a love for reading in kids through a various selection of books and creative activities in her classroom. Angela believes “reading is the foundation of academic learning and a gateway to a prosperous life.” She attends to the children who need extra support by intervention services and tutoring during prep time. By having the children read, Angela says “it broadens their vocabulary as well as their ability to make connections across texts and in the classroom.” Angela is very grateful for this award and feels fortunate to work in a district that takes the time to give such an award. Congratulations Angela, you deserve this noble award for your superiority as a teacher!