Ackerman Task Force

It's no secret our community is growing. In fact, we recently received a Board Presentation from the City's Director of Economic Development, highlighting planned future growth. The city estimates in the next few years there will be nearly 300 new homes built, and nearly 300 new apartments available for rent. That means we will likely see an increase in student enrollment in our District, which could be a challenge for our elementary schools that are already near capacity.

That's why I've been working with a Task Force to explore the best use for the Ackerman School facility in the coming years. We are fortunate to have a fully-functional school available to our district during this time of growth. Our Task Force is exploring several different options for the building's use. The primary goal, however, is to alleviate capacity issues at our in-town elementary schools while preparing for increases in enrollment.

The District will be working with a demography company to get a better idea of the impact these new residential developments will bring. Once we have that information, I'll work with the task force to come up with the best solution to address our capacity issues. We will work to engage all stakeholders to ensure there is community voice in the process.

At this point, it's difficult to determine a timeline for a decision, as we'll need to study the information the demographer provides us. I will continue to provide you regular updates as we work to find the best solution to address our growth.

Thank you to the following Task Force members who have provided a lot of valuable insight throughout this process:

  • Cindy Bauer
  • Kerrie Claggett
  • Greg Dinse
  • Sande Ely
  • Janis Hagel
  • Brynne Hager
  • John Hall
  • Shannon Kisler
  • Denise Lapp
  • Chris Lewis
  • Andy McKean
  • Angie Navarro
  • Lynn Olsen
  • Jenne Parker
  • Christie Pierson
  • Skyler Rodolph
  • Ciatlin Russell
  • Matt Salisbury
  • Mary Jeanne Sheveland
  • Jenn Silbernagel
  • Caroline Simnitt
  • Cherie Switzer
  • Christine Taylor
  • Louise Thomas
  • Sam Thompson
  • Jennifer Turner
  • Erick Welsh
  • Lori Wujek
  • Liz Yazzolino
  • Mike Zagyva