Who We Are
Who We Are and What We Do

REACH stands for Resources, Education, And Community Help. Our team supports our students, staff, families, and community members by providing assistance and resources to school district academic and community programs. This page provides information to utilize our services and contact information to reach us directly.


REACH provides written Spanish translation services to district schools, teams, and departments. We prioritize by the largest group’s need; district-level translations are first, followed by building-level, team/department, and finally classroom translations. Please note that classroom translations are typically completed by building staff members. When making a translation request, please read and complete all the required information on the form.


Just like translation services, REACH coordinates priority-based interpretation services for CSD. We can also reach beyond our district to find interpreters for other languages. Two-week notice (minimum) is necessary during conference weeks and IEP meetings. We handle district-level requests, but also make ourselves available for building and department interpretations when building-level resources may not be available. Requests can be made by principals, associate principals, head secretaries, and special education records secretaries. When making an interpretation request, please read and complete all the required information on the form.

Urgent Interpretation Services for CSD Staff

In the event that building staff are unavailable for an urgent interpretation request, REACH Staff offer conference call interpretation. Please follow the instructions below to setup this call:

  1. If the individual requiring interpretation is in the building, locate a phone for them to use and call that extension from another phone. Follow steps 3-5.
  2. If the individual requiring interpretation is on the phone, follow the steps below.
  3. Press the Conference (Conf) button, the caller will be placed on a brief hold.
  4. Dial the internal extension or external number to be added to the call.
  5. Press the Conference button again to join callers.
  6. Repeat steps 1-3 to add additional callers to the conference. Note that a maximum of six parties can participate and only two of those parties can be from an external number.