How do I login?

Use the email address on file with your student’s school as your username. You’ll be asked to create a password at your first login.

What if I don’t know which email address the school has on file?

Contact the front office; one of the secretaries can look up what email address is on file for you.

Will I be charged a fee to purchase items online?

No, there is no service fee or surcharge for purchasing items online.

Can I pay by card in person or only online?

There is a card reader available in the office for families who would like to make a credit/debit purchase in person; however, we encourage you to use the online store to complete your transaction. Please note that we cannot take credit card information over the phone or by email.

Will I receive a receipt for my transaction?

Yes. Purchasers have an option to receive a transaction receipt via email.

Can I cancel or change a transaction after it’s been processed?

This is possible in most instances. Please contact your school’s front office to determine the best solution.

Can I purchase items if my student owes library fines?

Yes, you can purchase items even if your child has outstanding fines.

I received information from my child's teacher about an upcoming field trip but don't see field trip available to pay for online

Your child’s teacher has likely not communicated the field trip information to the head secretary; please let the head secretary know so that they can contact the teacher and add the item to the store.