For Parents/Guardians

The Canby School District has opportunities for parents/guardians to review library books we are also reviewing to enter into circulation.

You can click here to submit a review for a title from this quarter's list.

Canby School District Guidelines for Library Text Selection

Canby School District supports the development of a rich and varied library collection that provides all readers in each school community with access to high-quality, high-interest, and age-appropriate materials. Collection development is multi-faceted and relies on the expertise and collaboration of educators, administrators and librarians. Additionally, we value the importance of student and community voice in that process. We are committed to placing our guidelines at the center of the decision-making process when purchasing new materials. The identified guidelines provide clarity for all stakeholders and support a consistent and aligned approach when reviewing and selecting library books for each of our schools

Texts selected for our libraries will:

  • Provide accurate factual knowledge .from authoritative sources to empower students to make informed decisions in their daily lives.

  • Authentically represent the histories, contributions, and perspectives of individuals with varied backgrounds and identities, including materials by content creators of all cultures.

  • Support and enrich the varied interests, abilities, backgrounds, identities, and developmental maturity levels of students served.

  • Earn favorable reviews from professionally recognized reviewing sources and/or authoritative subject matter experts, including authentic reviews from communities represented in the material.

  • Provide content accessible in a wide variety of languages and/or physical and virtual formats for ease of use and/or to provide accommodations to enhance comprehension.

  • Provide a representation of multiple viewpoints on a variety of topics, so that young citizens may develop, under guidance, the practice of analytical reading and thinking.

  • Contain content appropriate for the social, emotional, and intellectual development of students for whom the materials are selected, accommodating a reasonable range of developmental maturity levels.

CSD Guidelines have been built based on ODE's Library Standards.