Drivers Education

Canby School District offers an ODOT Driver Education Program. See below for details on the program and registration information.


  • Obtain a current Oregon instruction permit. Must provide permit number at time of registration.
  • 100% attendance in classroom and drive lab is required.
  • Students must have a minimum of 10 hours behind-the-wheel practice before registering.


  • Driver Education Program is for students ages 15-17.
  • Driver Education students must complete the course before receiving a driver's license and before turning 18.
Contact Us

Phone or in-person registration only for driver education:

Terry Lepire, Secretary Ackerman Center Office 350 SE 13th Avenue, Canby, OR 97013 Phone: (503) 266-0040

Registrations are taken for any driver education session throughout the year (provided there is space available). Out-of-District students/families: Please note different registration dates provided on the driver education schedule.

Become a part of Driver Education!

The Traffic Safety Education program from Western Oregon University provides the required training to be an ODOT-TSD approved Driver Education instructor in Oregon. Individuals wishing to teach Driver Education in Oregon will gain a wealth of practical knowledge, as well as gain hands-on experience, both in the classroom and in the vehicle. Upon completion of the Traffic Safety Education course, participants will receive a certificate that can be presented to potential employers to verify certification.

These classes are part of a non-credit program funded by Oregon Department of Transportation.

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