Canby School District Budget Committee Members

Position 1 - Jon Iverson - Term Expires 6/30/24

Position 2 - Dan Miner, Jr. - Term Expires 6/30/24

Position 3 - Adrianne Carlson - Term Expires 6/30/25

Position 4 - Janaleen Williams - Term Expires 6/30/25

Position 5 - Rebekah Goodfellow - Term Expires 6/30/26

Position 6 - Audrey Traaen - Term Expires 6/30/26

Position 7 - Kathryn "Kaytee" Horton - Term Expires 6/30/26

Budget Committee Openings

When there are budget committee openings, The Canby School District Board of Directors will seek applications to fill the positions. To be eligible, you must be a registered voter of the district and not be an officer, agent, or employee of the District. The Board will review applications and make appointments at its November board meeting.

Applications must be received at the district office, “Attention: Kamela Davis."