Software/Application Request

Got an app or software program you want to see installed on a student computer or iPad?

In an effort to ensure that content placed on student devices meets technology, security, age appropriateness, and instructional standards, The Canby School District Teaching and Learning and Technology Departments request that the form linked below be completed by all CSD staff before new software or app is installed to student devices.

The information submitted will be evaluated by district personnel to ensure that:

  • Software/apps provide instructional value to CSD students.
  • Advertisements (sometimes found on free software/apps), are age appropriate.
  • Software/app providers don’t collect/access protected student information.
  • Purchasing processes are followed (when necessary).
  • Software/apps aren’t already in use in another CSD site. If software/apps are in use, our team will help facilitate any beneficial knowledge transfer between staff who already use this software/app.

Funding for software/applications can be provided by a number of sources. School, program, or classroom-specific requests will need to be funded by the school, program, or classroom. Any application or software request that meets a district-wide need may be evaluated at the district-level and may be paid for using district funds. The Teaching and Learning and Technology Departments will contact applicants via email to discuss payment arrangements for all requests requiring payment.

Application requests will be reviewed once per month during the first week of the month. Our teams understand that some requests will need to be expedited, please detail the reason for review acceleration in the form.

Thank you,

The Teaching and Learning and Technology Departments

If you can't see the form, please click here or sign in to your Canby Google account then refresh this page.