Student holding an iPad in front of class


The Canby School District has a long history of leveraging technology for instructional purpose. It is our team's privilege to prepare our students with relevant skills for a productive future. Our mission is to promote high achievement for all students, support a community of learners, and maintain an agile infrastructure to facilitate teaching and learning.

What We Do

The technology team consists of thirteen network, application, data, and field support staff that not only maintain our infrastructure, but directly guide students and staff on the use of classroom technology.

Important Links for 2018-2019 School Year

Got Questions?

Please contact Bret Adkins via email (below) if you have questions or feedback about the technology team and our work.

Contact Information

Name Phone Email
Bret Adkins, Technology Manager 503-266-0010
Barb Munsterman, Secretary 503-266-0005
Myron Carothers, Network Specialist 503-266-0052
Matthew Paul, Network Specialist 503-266-0045
Chad Kay, District Technology Specialist


Building Technology Specialists

Building Name Phone Extension
Baker Prairie Middle School Justin Parcher 3710
Canby High School Elie Enderle 5361
Canby High School Aaron Smith 5364
Carus Elementary Justin Parcher 3810
Eccles Elementary Andy Covington 3237
Knight Elementary Natalie Becher 3021
Lee Elementary Kim Smith 3510
Ninety-One School Josh Rapley 3136
Trost Elementary Anton Neuhold 3331
Ackerman Center and District OfficeJosh Rapley3136