Oregon Statewide Assessment System Resources for Parents

State assessments are an evaluation of student mastery of content and skills in various academic areas. This serves as a tool for measuring the degree to which students are on track to graduate high school college- and career-ready, and help inform future instruction in the classroom. In Canby, we are working hard to articulate a balanced system of assessment.

This means that we believe assessment is an ongoing process. It is an important aspect of how we learn about the way in which we teach our students; constantly monitoring their development and the outcomes of the educational activities. We do this by utilizing a number of assessments. Without going into naming the types of assessments used, we can provide questions that guide the reasoning of why we utilize the variety of assessments. These include:

· Which students are on track for meeting end of year benchmarks at this point in the school year?

· What instruction do students need tomorrow to move toward the next benchmark or learning priority?

· Are the students making enough progress toward their goal and/or do they understand the objective of the lesson?

· How did we do? Did our students meet the intended outcomes?

Additionally, we have invested in data tools that provide our building leaders with information that can be shared with teachers regarding all of these measures.

A recent survey done by ACT, 62% of our graduating seniors last year stated they wanted to earn a bachelor’s degree or higher as their post-secondary aspiration. Thus, if your student is college bound, we must note that testing is a part of any professional degree. State assessments are an important part of a student’s core educational program.

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