Water Quality Reports

Canby School District is committed to providing clean and healthy facilities to serve the needs of all students and staff. The district is making a significant investment to ensure that the water in our buildings remains safe to drink.

Our maintenance teams are removing all “bubbler-style” fountains district-wide. All hallway fountains are being replaced with water bottle refilling stations, which include filtering that is guaranteed to be lead-free.

Canby schools have no issues with water quality. All tests have come back negative for detectable levels of lead. In any instance where a fixture may have contained lead that could have impacted water quality, crews replaced them with lead-free designs.

Even with test results indicating clean, safe water at our facilities, we believe it's time to upgrade. The new fountains afford our students the ability to fill their water bottles with clean, filtered water to help them stay hydrated. The refillable water stations also eliminate waste and are better for the environment.

We want anyone who enters our buildings to know that they’re exposed to a healthy, safe environment. By mitigating the risks associated with water quality, we allow our staff and students to confidently focus on education.

Water quality reports from 2016 can be found here.