What is Peachjar?

Canby School District is excited to use a new way to communicate with our families and students. Peachjar is an eflyer management system that allows information to be sent directly to parents’ inboxes. To learn more, select this link: https://www.peachjar.com/

Important Items to Note:

1. Community organizations that are non-profit and non-fee based can use this system for FREE. Again, there is no cost to use the online service. Please follow these easy steps:

  • First, register for an account on https://www.peachjar.com/
  • Second, contact Allison Bennett, Customer Support Coordinator, at 858-997-2117 Ext. 130 or via email at Allisonbennett@peachjar.com to request free account status. Upon approval, the account will be changed to one that will allow posting flyers without having to purchase credits to do so.

2. Community organizations that are for-profit and fee based and are interested in using this service should refer to the pricing schedule, at: https://www.peachjar.com/index.php?a=ap&addon=Peachjar&page=enrichment_service_fee

  • Please note: Peachjar offers discounts and price-matching incentives upon request (contact any Peachjar representative)

3. Canby School District will continue to allow a small number of flyers to be printed and available in the school office for families that may not have Internet service.

4. If you need clarification or assistance at any time, please contact Kamela Davis at 503-266-0004 or davisk2@canby.k12.or.us