Board Priorities


To promote academic and personal growth for all students through effective teaching, leadership, and resource management to develop lifelong learners who will strengthen our community and our world.


Increase Student Achievement

The district will provide quality instruction and appropriate supports to ensure academic growth for all students at every level.

Strengthen the K-12 Culture to Promote Student, Parent, and Staff Success

The district shall maintain high academic standards, expectations, and accountability for all students. Teaching and learning districtwide will be aligned for a cohesive K-12 educational experience. Expectations of students will be clear and parents will be provided opportunities to serve as partners in their child's education.

Enhance Positive School-Community Relations

The district will develop meaningful relationships and opportunities for participation and engagement among students, families, and community members.

Ensure Effective use of Resources

The district will maintain sound stewardship of all resources to provide the best possible educational environment for all students. The district shall continue to be innovative and find creative ways to leverage resources to benefit our students, staff, and community.