Before you are able to use your new blog, you will need to follow the directions given in the initial Staff Blogs email message that you receive (the email that lets you know when your new staff blog is available and ready to go.)

Getting Started

Logging In to your Blog

  1. First, open up your favorite web browser and navigate to this page:

  2. Type in your username (which is your email address…​ without the "" part) and your password (which, if not yet set, is the temporary password found in your first Staff Blogs email message,) and push the "Log In" button

  3. After logging in, you may see a page that lists your current blog information; click on the "Visit Dashboard" option

  4. You should now see your "Dashboard"

If you ever need to go back to your Dashboard, (and as long as you are logged in to your blog account,) look for the little "home" icon near the top of the page in the "navigation bar". If you hover over the "home" icon, you will see a list of options for your Blog (e.g. Dashboard, Themes, Customize…​). This "navigation bar" appears no matter where you are in the Staff Blogs system for as long as you are logged in to your account.

Visiting your Dashboard

  1. First, log in to your blog.

  2. You should now see your "Dashboard"

  3. The Dashboard gives you a variety of options, such as:

    • Posts (general blog posts)

    • Media (your files and photos)

    • Pages (website pages)

    • Appearance (themes and customization)

Choosing a Theme

A theme is the way your blog looks. The blog program (WordPress) provides many different theme possibilities (for example, themes on this page). If you find a new theme that you like, please let us know at the Staff Blogs Contact Us page!
  1. First, log in to your blog.

  2. Hover your mouse over the "Appearance" menu on the left side of the Dashboard and click on the "Themes" option

  3. Currently available themes are listed on this Themes page