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Eccles Elementary

Name Email Address Work Phone Extension Blog Position
Mechelle Block 503-263-7120 Instructional Asssitant
Bruce Bowman 503-263-7120 teacher: PE
Jaimie Butterfield 503-263-7120 Teacher: 2nd Grade
Benjamin Carrico 503-263-7120 x3229 Blog Teacher: 5th Grade
Andy Covington 503-263-7120 x3237 Blog Building Technology Specialist
Kristen Dana 503-263-7120 x3235 Blog Teacher: Music
Michelle Davies 503-263-7120 Blog Teacher: ELL Teacher
Jessica DeJager 503-263-7120 Teacher- Reading
Deborah Deller 503-263-7120 Teacher Spanish Literacy
Emily Dooley (Stonebraker) 503-263-7120 Blog Intervention Specialist
Jacqueline Fitch 503-263-7120 x3225 Blog Teacher: 4th Grade
Diana Flory 503-263-7120 x3232 Cafeteria Assistant
Adam Gingerich 503-263-7120 Blog Teacher- 5th Grade
Eliza Gingerich 503-263-7120 Blog Teacher-1st Grade
Cindy Gonzalez 503-263-7120 Building Engineer
Prairie Guynes-Morrow 503-263-7120 Instructional Assistant 2
Tom Haaga 503-263-7120 Blog Teacher-6th Grade
Shirley Hollar 503-263-7120 Instructional Assistant 3
Kathryn Huserik 503-263-7120 x3224 Blog Teacher: 5th Grade
Cynthia Jarmer 503-263-7120 x3206 Blog Teacher: 2nd Grade
David Jellis 503-263-7120 x3228 Blog Teacher: 6th Grade
Amanda Jensen 503-263-7120 Instructional Assistant 3
Shannon Kisler 503-263-7120 x3214 Blog Teacher: Counselor/Intervention Specialist
Lindsay Lewis 503-263-7120 x3203 Blog Teacher: 1st Grade
Jennifer Marcoe 503-263-7120 x3204 Blog Teacher: 1st Grade
Andy McKean 503-263-7150 x3241 Blog Principal
Melinda Mead 503-263-7120 x3219 Blog Teacher: 3rd Grade
Aleysha Merris 503-263-7120 Teacher - Kindergarten
Victor Mostovoy 503-263-7210 Custodian 1
Emily Parker 503-263-7120 Teacher: 4th Grade
Erin Paulson 503-263-7120 x3223 Blog Teacher: 4th Grade (Leave of Absence)
Amber Racette 503-263-7120 Cafeteria Assistant I
Ana Robertson 503-263-7110 x3251 Instructional Assistant
Heidi Ross 503-263-7120 Instructional Assistant 2
Gini Saltmarsh 503-263-7120 Blog Instr. Asst. 3: Library
Wendy Scharich 503-263-7120 Blog Teacher: 3rd Grade
Ann Sexton 503-263-7120 Blog Speech Pathologist
Cristina Slangan 503-263-7120 x3209 Blog Instructional Assistant III-Bilingual
Elizabeth Smidt 503-263-7120 x3226 Blog Teacher-4th Grade
Margie Sono 503-263-7120 x3221 Blog Teacher: Resource
Tiffany Tasker 503-263-7120 x3217 Blog Kindergarten Teacher
April Thompson 503-263-7120 Blog Teacher- Kindergarten
Christina Torrez 503-263-7120 x3243 Secretary 3
Penny Wade 503-263-7120 Teacher - 2nd Grade
Liz Yazzolino 503-263-7120 x3243 Secretary IV