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Canby High

Name Email Address Work Phone Extension Blog Position
Bernardo Aguilar 503-263-7200 x5230 Custodian 1
Claudia Aguilar 503-263-7210 x5312 Secretary III: Attendance
Christy Ankeny 503-263-7225 x5300 Office Manager
Marisela Arellano 503-263-7200 x5605 Instr. Asst. 2: Child Care
Laurie Bailey 503-263-7200 x5308 Instr. Asst. 2: Print Room
Christopher Bangs 503-263-7200 x5114 Blog Teacher: Social Studies/Leadership
Andrew Barr 503-263-7200 x5416 Blog Teacher: Language Arts
Leesa Beaudoin 503-263-7223 x5342 Secretary 3 Registrar
Gretchen Benner 503-263-7200 x5419 Blog Teacher: Language Arts
Tonya Boustead 503-263-7200 x5706 / 5761 Blog Teacher: CTE/Business Ed
Grant Boustead II 503-263-7200 x5115 Blog Teacher: Social Studies
Justin Bugni 503-263-7200 x5105 Teacher: Health
Loree Carlson 503-263-7200 x5341 Secretary III: Counseling
Kimie Carroll 503-263-7203 x5306 Blog Associate Principal-Curriculum
Charles Carver 503-263-7200 x5230 Lead Custodian
Jennifer Chaffee 503-263-7200 x5606 Instructional Assistant III - SpEd
Danelle Chase 503-263-7209 x5370 Cafeteria Assistant
Hyangmi Chon 503-263-7200 x5451 Blog TOSA ELL
Susan Christiansen 503-263-7200 x5604 Instructional Assistant III: SpEd
CHS School-to-Career/ASPIRE 503-263-7218 x5020
CHS Student Leadership 503-263-7200 x5114 Blog
Kerrie Claggett 503-263-7200 x5606 Teacher-Supported Learning Center
Counseling 503-263-7219 x5340 Blog Counselors
Lori Craig 503-263-7200 x5601 Blog Teacher: Special Ed.
Ana Maria Cuevas 503-263-7200 x5450 Instructional Assistant III: Bilingual
Teresa Cummings 503-263-7200 x5757 Blog Teacher: CTE/Agriculture Science
Jennifer Czerkies 503-263-7200 x5409 Blog Teacher-Language Arts/Yearbook
Peter D'Aboy 503-263-7200 x5501 Blog Teacher: Math
Susy Dalrymple 503-263-7200 x5104 Blog Teacher: Foreign Language Spanish
Petr Danchev 503-263-7200 x5230 Custodian 1
Lacey Davis 503-263-7200 x5208 Blog Teacher: Science
Paula Dawson 503-263-7200 x5600 Blog Teacher: Special Education
Deborah Deardorff 503-263-7200 x5605 Instructional Assistant II: Child Care Center
Jennifer Dorsey 503-263-7200 x5853 Blog Teacher: Art
Troy (TJ) Emory 503-263-7200 x5209 Blog Teacher: Science
Jeremy Ensrud 503-263-7200 x5708 Blog Teacher: Science
Nicholas Erwin 503-263-7200 Athletic Fields/Grounds
Craig Evans 503-263-7200 x5756 / 5723 Blog CTE / Business Teacher
Natalee Evans 503-263-7200 x5606 Instructional Assistant III: SpEd
Steve Fearing 503-263-7140 x3424 Blog
Alex Frixione 503-263-7200 x5403 Blog Teacher: ELL
Linda Fukasawa 503-263-7224 x5363 Blog Media Specialist, K-12
Kenneth Gex 503-263-7200 x5110 Blog Teacher: Social Studies
Christopher Gilbert 503-263-7200 x5405 Blog Teacher: ELL
Daren Gilbert 503-263-7200 x5346 Blog Counselor (P-Z)
Brooks Gingerich 503-263-7200 x5854 Blog Teacher: Music/Vocal
Anthony Gonzalez 503-263-7200 x5230 Custodian 1
Deborah Groff 503-263-7200 x5402 Blog Teacher: Language Arts/Speech
Robert Hammitt 503-263-7200 x5109 Blog Teacher: Social Studies
Debra Harman 503-263-7200 x5415 Blog Teacher: Lang Arts
Jeffrey Hart 503-263-7200 x5512 / 5919 Blog Teacher-Math & CTE
Susan Harvey 503-263-7200 x5505 Blog Teacher: Math
David Hauser 503-263-7200 x5507 Blog Teacher: Math
Georgia Hedrick 503-263-7140 x3423
Bonnie Herrera 503-263-7200 x5609 Blog Instructional Assistant III: Child Care
Donna Hostetler 503-263-7200 x5614 Instructional Assistant II: Child Care
Jennifer Houghton 503-263-7140 x3424
Paul Huggins 503-263-7200 x5218 Blog Teacher: Math
Michael Hutchinson 503-263-7200 x5859 Technical Theater Specialist
Noel Hygelund 503-263-7140 x3483 Blog
Patrick Irvin 503-263-7140 Blog
Jefre Johnson 503-2637200 x5322 Campus Security Specialist
Pat Johnson 503-263-7201 x5303 Blog Principal
Theresa Kahl 503-263-7200 x5516 Blog Teacher: Math
Shelly Kratzer 503-263-7140 x3486
Larry Kraxberger 503-263-7200 x5408 Blog Instructional Assistant 3: SpEd
Greg Larrison 503-263-7222 x5324 SRO
Nicholas Leach 503-263-7140
CHS Leadership Leadership Students
Dan Lever 503-263-7200 x5108 Blog Teacher: Social Studies
Ryan Lillie 503-263-7200 x5417 Blog Teacher: Language Arts
Tom Lipski 503-263-7200 Instr. Asst. 3
Trevor Lockwood 503-263-7200 x5343 Blog Prevention/Intervention Specialist
Trevor Lofstedt 503-263-7200 x5753 Technician II
Lynne Mackey 503-263-7200 x5514 Blog Teacher
Capi Marceau 503-263-7200 x5205 Blog Teacher: Science
Bernie Maronilla 503-263-7200 x5603 Instructional Assistant II: Child Care
Todd Marshall 503-263-7200 Instr. Asst. 3
Mark Martens 503-263-7204 x5302 Assistant Principal
Kristen Martin 503-263-7217 x5307 Secretary III: Bookkeeper
Luella McGlone 503-263-7209 x5370 Cook 1
Kelly McMichael 503-263-7200 x5414 Blog Teacher: Language Arts
Susie McMullin 503-263-7246 x5361 Blog Building Technology Specialist
Conni McNamee 503-263-7200 x5606 Instructional Assistant 3: SpEd
Noah Megowan 503-263-7200 x5003 Blog Teacher: Foreign Language German
Dina Merritt 503-263-7209 x5370 Sat. Kitchen Cook 2
Patrick Mikulec 503-263-7200 x5420 Blog Teacher: Language Arts
Joseph Minson 503-263-7200 x5113 Blog Teacher: Social Studies
Darren Monen 503-263-7200 x5760 Blog Teacher: CTE/Building Construction
James Moore 503-263-7209 x5370 Cook I
Imelda Morales 503-263-7200 x5230 Custodian 1
Salvador Morales 503-263-7200 x5230 Custodian 2
Jay Mull 503-263-7200 x5201 Blog Teacher: Science
Ken Muraoka 503-263-7200 x5506 Blog Teacher- Math
Kelly Nace 503-263-7200 x5347 Blog Counselor (H-O)
Alissa Netter 503-263-7200 x5320 Secretary III-Student Center
Jamie Netter 503-263-7218 x5021 School to Work Coordinator
Linda Newhouse 503-263-7200 x5102 Blog Teacher: Spanish
Anna Nguyen 503-263-7200 x5606 Instructional Assistant III: SpEd
Anna Noel 503-263-7200 x5754 Blog Teacher: CTE/Pro-Tech
John Ogden 503-263-7202 x5323 Blog Associate Principal-Activities/Student Management
Nancy Olson 503-263-7200 x5101 Blog Teacher: Health
Sally Park 503-263-7200 x5305 Blog Technician II-High School Assessment
Greg Parker 503-263-7200 x5606 Instructional Assistant III: SpEd
Dottie Passmore 503-263-7200 x5202 Blog Teacher-Science
Jennifer Pedersen 503-263-7200 x5609 Instructional Assistant 2
Jennifer Peterson 503-263-7200 x5914 Blog Teacher: Health
Long Phan 503-263-7200 x5230 Custodian
Minh (Mark) Phan 503-266-7200 x5230 Custodian 1
Barry Platz 503-263-7200 x5602 Blog Teacher: Special Ed
Cameron Quinlan 503-263-7200 x5503 Blog Teacher: Math
Patricia Rager 503-263-7200 x5936 Blog Teacher: PE
Robert Rayfield 503-263-7200 x5855 Blog Teacher: Music/Instrumental
Karlie Richardson 503-263-7200 x5020 Secretary III: ASPIRE
Todd Roberts 503-263-7200 x5755 Blog Teacher: CTE/Manufacturing
Kathleen Rogers 503-263-7200 x5508 Blog Teacher: Math
Hilda Romero 503-263-7200 x5606 IA: Bilingual Assistant - SpEd
Caitlin Russell 503-263-7200 x5206 Blog Teacher: Science
Glee Rutherford 503-263-7200 x5413 IA Speech Path Language
Joe Ruwitch 503-263-7200 x5222 Blog Teacher: Science
Grace Saad 503-263-7140 x3426 Blog
Glenda Scherer 503-263-7200 x5410 Blog Teacher: Resource/Read 180
James Schlatter 503-263-7200 x5951 Blog Teacher PE
Marie Schmieding 503-263-7200 x5404 IA3: Reading & Writing Tutor
Erika Shearer 503-263-7200 x5612 Teacher: CTE / Family & Consumer Studies
Mark Sherman 503-263-7140
Cristina Slangan 503-263-7200 x5006 Blog Teacher: Foreign Language Spanish
Aaron Smith 503-263-7200 x5364 Blog Building Technology Specialist
Deborah Snodgrass 503-263-7200 x5504 Blog Instructional Assistant 3: Math Tutor
Troy Soles 503-263-7200 x5411 Blog Teacher: Language Arts
Kelly Sorem 503-263-7200 x5112 Blog Teacher: Social Studies / LA
Dan Spencer x5413 Speech Pathologist
Lisa Stahl 503-263-7216 x5340 Secretary 3/Health Technician
JJ Stolsig 503-263-7200 x5951 Blog Teacher: PE/Health
Katie Strong 503-263-7200 x5616 Instructional Assistant III Records
Holly Thompson 503-263-7200 x5022 Teacher-Youth Transition Program / 9th Grade Intervention
Michael Vaught 503-263-7200 x5215 Blog Teacher: Alternative Ed
Erin Walsh 503-263-7200 x5107 Blog Teacher: Social Studies
Robert Webber 503-263-7200 x5510 Blog Teacher: Math
Ben Winegar 503-263-7200 x5203 Blog Teacher: Science
Anne Wolfe 503-263-7200 x5418 Blog Teacher: LA
Jan Woodworth 503-263-7200 x5360 Instructional Assistant III: Library
Lori Wujek 503-263-7216 x5301 Secretary 3-Athletics/Activities
Andrew Young 503-263-7200 x5348 Blog Counselor (A-G)