Salmon study multi-faceted for DLI students

  • Posted on October 12, 2010 by Staff
  • Updated on March 24, 2015 by Staff

Trost5th_SalmonPreso DLI_presentation5 DLI_presentation4 DLI_presentation3 DLI_presentation2Students in Melissa Reid’s fifth grade Dual Language Immersion (DLI) class at Trost Elementary excelled at what could have been a run-of-the mill science assignment.

It began with a study on the interdependence between humans, plants, animals, the environment, and how adaptations are necessary for survival — including a field trip to Bonneville Dam and Fish Hatchery. Small cooperative student groups researched different facets of the salmon such as habitat, the affect of dams, the food chain, varieties of salmon, and more. They didn’t go to the library or a computer lab because their handy research tool was in the classroom.

A class set of iPads, made possible through the district’s Technology Innovation Grant program, was the go-to tool for a variety of reasons. Students were able to collect facts through Google and Wikipedia searches, download pictures of salmon, river habitats, hatcheries and dams from the internet using the iPad. The presentations were written in Spanish, but the students orally presented the material in English to a host of classroom visitors on October 11. Presentation software available on their iPad was used to develop slide shows of the final projects.

Students watched all of the group presentations, asked questions, and even created a matrix for evaluating the projects. Using this matrix, they reviewed their own project and others. They developed a bank of questions that Reid used to create a final exam for the unit of study, which was taken on the iPads.

Reid and Holly Sarich make up the fifth grade DLI team at Trost Elementary. They applied for, and received, a Technology Innovation Grant last spring to purchase this class set of iPads. Clearly, the iPads are helping to expand and enrich students’ educational experiences just as Reid and Sarich hoped they would.

Pictured above is Jonathan Rodriques Arguelles and Joshua Bell working on their iPad presentation. Below is Kimberly Velasco showing her group’s salmon project; Clarissa Cruz Ruiz, Leslie Converse, Morgan Long, Galilea Campos Mata and Vianney Loreto Ocegueda collaborating on their scoring rubric; Technology and Innovation Director Joe Morelock showing Galilea and Clarissa how to send their presentation to the classroom projector; and Superintendent Rose sitting with a group talking about scoring using a rubric.